TWW Daily Feed for September 1st

Today I’m shifting life gears a bit and packing up my car to head to Colorado. Milwaukee, and Wisconsin in general, has been great, but job duties call and I can’t imagine spending the fall and winter anywhere else. This week will involve a road trip to Colorado, a flight to Portland for Labor Day Weekend, and then back to Colorado, so for the next few days TWW will be a bit transitional, but I’ll do my best to keep up with things. Anyway, happy first day of September! The Feed:

This past weekend was Oregon’s Hood to Coast Relay, a race I’ve wanted to do for years. The Livestrong people have a race report up here. Team This Way West 2010. Who’s in?

Boulder based cycling team Garmin-Chipotle picked up a new sponsor today in the form of POM Wonderful, the maker of that crazy pomegranate juice stuff. Here is the press release which basically reads like an advertisement for POM. I like Vaughter’s quote: “POM’s commitment to nutrition excellence mirrors our own, so the partnership is a natural fit.” Why don’t team managers ever give an honest answer?: “POM approached us with a lot of money, we took it, and then I made up some bullshit about nutrition. Next question.”

The Outside Blog has a post up about what books would qualify for an “Adventure Lit 101” class. Their list is here. Personally, I hated everything about Walden (the dude extols the virtue of leaving society behind whilst doing laundry at his mom’s house) and most of the rest of the list doesn’t really scream “adventure” to me. My votes: Touching the Void, Into Thin Air and The Beach (the book, not the movie).

This guy is so angry. At cats.


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