What the Hell is Max Searching For, Volume 1

As promised in the Daily Feed for today, this is the first edition of our “What the Hell is Max Searching For” feature where we are going to try and provide answers to some of the search queries that visitors to TWW have been entering into the site. Again, we dedicate this to Max because some of the searches seem to come directly from his Ski Patroller/oxygen deprived brain. Below are the search terms/questions and the best answers we could come up with. Feel free to contribute if you have better or more accurate information.

1. “Does coffee or espresso make you poop more”

Answer: Generally, coffee. Here is why: coffee is more acidic than espresso due to the process used to make coffee (as discussed in Max’s Guide to Coffee). Acid in the stomach increases bile production, and bile is a natural laxative (ie: poop time!). Additionally, you will generally get more caffeine from a cup of coffee, and caffeine’s stimulant effect also acts as a laxative. This question leads perfectly into the next:

2. “Is drip coffee or an Americano stronger”

Answer: depends on how much espresso you like in your Americano. 1 0z of espresso generally has slightly less caffeine than a 6 oz cup of coffee. This is because of the beans used for espresso and the short time the water passes through the grounds. Most Americano’s get about two shots of espresso in a 12oz cup – the equivalent 12oz cup of coffee has more caffeine. However, if you drop 4 shots of espresso in the Americano, bam! Stronger than coffee.

3.The Incline compared to Mt. Sanitas

Answer: this wasn’t really posed in the form of a question, but for the record Mt. Sanitas is longer than the Incline, running 1.4 miles uphill to the Incline’s 1 mile. However, the Incline is much steeper, gaining 2100 feet in that one mile, whereas the Sanitas hike gains about 1255 feet. Both are great workouts, and both have a high likelihood of spotting young, fit and attractive mating partners.

4. “Who is Heidi Swanson”

Answer: Hands off! The lovely Ms. Swanson is the operator of one of my favorite food blogs 101 Cookbooks. She is a cook/photographer extradonaire who has written a great cookbook that focuses on natural foods and regularly posts new recipes, pictures and travel logs on her blog. She is also coyly trying to play hard to get from me.

And there you go; our first edition of our new feature. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or better answers. Please don’t share any coffee/pooping stories. And please thank @maxtaam for providing another great idea for a post.


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