TWW Daily Feed for August 27

Aspen’s Golden Leaf Half-Marathon is officially one month away. If you haven’t signed up yet, you should, it’s one of the most fun and gorgeous races in the country. I have been attempting to train for it in the land of dairy and cornfields and am slightly worried about my preparation. The over abundance of air here makes me feel like I’m in great shape, but the fact that the most climbing I do is walking up flights of stairs in houses is starting to worry me. I’ll be the one in Aspen who looks like he ate too many cheese curds.

The Gear Junkie has found what he has termed the “holy grail” of workout shirts. Good news for me; I sweat so much that my iPod often stops working because it gets too wet. “Fuck you man, I am not playing any more music until you remove me from your horse-like body to dry off.”

Thanks to Max for this recipe which looks like a tasty morsel of awesomeness. I realize its not a Heidi Swanson special but I will still close my eyes as I eat this and imagine she is feeding me the cookies nake…

This is pretty crazy. Especially since I imagine people in Ireland existing solely between work, the bar, and their homes. Have you ever met a really good Irish athlete? Exactly.


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