TWW Daily Feed for August 26th

Last night saw the arrival of some epic Midwestern thunderstorms in the Milwaukee area, leading to tons of rain, flooded streets and an overall miserable evening, albeit cool to watch from a dry spot. I was bartending last night during the storms and came to this conclusion; it is not the people that come into the bar on a nice day who drink to the point of intoxication that I worry about, its the people who think “Holy shit, it looks dangerous out there, is that a flooded street?. Honey, get your purse, we’re going to the bar” that really make me reconsider driving the roads at night.

Frank Bruni, the NYT food critic is moving on to new things, but not before writing his last column, which contains a couple of New York restaurant suggestions and some tips for eating out in the city. Obviously New York is outside of our wheelhouse, but its always fun to visit so this might come in handy.

I’m heading out to Portland, OR next week for a wedding and to get in some higher elevation runs in the Cascades. Along with being one of the best running cities I’ve been to, Portland has some of the best food in the country. To prepare for my strike, I’ve been perusing through some Portland food blogs. My bible for the Portland food scene is Portland Food & Drink. My companion piece, for the food carts, is Food Carts Portland. I’m hoping to eat my way in to the Super Clydesdale Division.

Ted Kennedy has passed away. Sad news for his family, and America’s hope for rational health care options.

On that note, we need a drink, check out Night School’s recap of cocktail Murray Stenson giving some lessons. Drink recipes included.


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  1. Seneca

    I hope you are planning on running with me when you are in Portland.

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