TWW Daily Feed for August 25th

Good morning afternoon! Just realized that I didn’t actually post this morning’s daily feed. My bad. Anyway, here you go, hope everyone is having a gleeful Tuesday:

Here is a little guide from Outside Magazine to doing your own, outside of the gym, workout that is meant to build more functional strength, good for people who like to stay out of the gym. This article is a bit ironic, as it starts with a testimonial about how traditional weight lifting is incredibly bad for your body, yet in their previous issue Outside advocates the bench press and squats as a measure of strength. C’mon people!

Check out Seattle Food Geek, a review and recipe blog run by Scott Heimendinger. Good stuff. Although he is definitely not Heidi “hot food momma” Swanson.

I finally tracked down a pair of my running shoes at a decent price last night. I could have used this guide from Runner’s World Magazine. Why is it that the older I get, the more expensive my hobbies are? Legos were awesome. Why don’t I play with Legos anymore?

The coolest start to a race picture I have seen in a long time (Thanks Ted!).


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