TWW Daily Feed for August 21st

A surprise bartending shift last night has left me feeling a bit slow this morning. I’m always so fascinated by people that can throw booze back like its their second job. One shot, two beers and I’d be on the ground;  a warm up for most people that are regulars. Maybe its the location (go Wisconsin drinking!) or maybe its the atmosphere (think a bar, but in the middle of 6 sand volleyball courts that are packed), but whatever it is I’m glad that my light weight tolerances keep me in check. It’s no fun spending the day with my stomach trying to escape through my body cavities. On that note, the feed (which is incredibly short today because I need to go running before work):

My friend Ethan sent me this link about people in large cities who use a GPS/Mapping system (like Google Earth) to create huge images from their running routes. A bit of time on their hands these sneaker clad artists, but it makes for interesting viewing.

I’ve been listening to a fun little band called Fanfarlo for the past couple of weeks. They have a new video up for their single “The Walls are Falling Down” that is worth a look. The lead singer looks like he may be 12.

Your awesomeness of the day: You are so awesome that when it rains the clouds create a sunny and dry opening just for you.


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