TWW Daily Feed for August 20th

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were at the grocery store picking up some stuff and, walking through the bakery section, I remarked that all of the bakery stuff smelled really good. In response my girlfriend, in a rather innocuous way that somehow ALWAYS leads to an argument even though it sounds so innocent, asked me what her favorite type of doughnut is. I do not eat doughnuts, I do not like donughts, I get mad when churches and other community events offer donughts instead of, I don’t know, FRUIT. I haven’t eaten a donught since I was ten. My knowledge of donughts extends to the fact that some are glazed and all of them are bad for you. Fuck donughts.

Unfortunately “fuck doughnuts” was not the response my girlfriend was looking for. I think that I am fully recovered from the fallout from that one. I still hate doughnuts, but now I know that there is something called a Boston Cream and that Chocolate Glazed doughnuts are “so good.”

In honor of donughts today we start out the feed with an article from the NYT’s Well blog about a doctor who was fired from his job running local health department because his employees, and local business owners, were angry about his anti-doughnut stance. The good doctor posted signs with sayings like “America Dies on Dunkin” (awesome), and banned doughnuts from department’s break room. I can just hear the indignation in the health department employees’ protests; “What do you mean no doughnuts?! I work at the health department because we get doughnuts!”

Garmin-Chipotle’s Tyler Farrar is killing it at the Eneco Tour. Article from VeloNews here.

The story of Caster Semenya winning the gold medal in the women’s 800 Meters at the World Track and Field Championships and then being required to take a “sex determination” examine to make sure she is really a woman is all over the internet. There is a good article here about why gender determination isn’t necessarily, um, easy to tell. I am remembering some really drunk nights and some really not-so-hot girls. I am getting a bit nauseous.

Though not really related to anything much, this little article made me laugh out loud. I love this guy. I want him to do one about doughnuts.

Your awesomeness of the day: You are so awesome that when that Balrog thing that took out Gandalf came after you, you didn’t have to slam a cane around or stab him with a sword, you just threw him a look (the same one you throw at doughnuts) that said “fuck you, bring it” to which he responded by tucking his crazy devil tail between his bow legs and ran back to hide in his fire lair.


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