TWW Daily Feed for August 19th

I’m starting the morning with a bit of lag due to some late night beer drinking which, for some reason, always makes me have to poop first thing in the morning. It’s almost like beer makers put laxative in their products so that the next day you get everything out, and then think to yourself “Wow, I feel great, I wonder what’s going on tonight?” Anyway, the TWW Daily Feed, brought to you by Boddington’s Ale and my newly voided stomach:

Thanks to @maxtaam for this link to some great pictures from the Leadville 100 from Ted Mahon’s Stuck in the Rockies site. The feed bags always look so small to me, like they just don’t hold enough food. My feed bag would look like its holding a giant turkey leg and some jars of Nutella.

Possibly one of the most underrated races in America, the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon was held this past weekend in Manitou Springs, CO. Local Matt Carpenter and Eagle resident Anita Ortiz won the men and women’s titles. All I have to say is this: no one in their right mind should want to do a race in which the last 3 miles require 2000 feet of climbing and altitude sickness and shredded knees and thighs are not only common, but planned for. I really want to do this race.

The NYTs Well blog has an article up summarizing the relationship between cancer and physical fitness. The ever increasing body of research is demonstrating those who are physically fit have a much lower risk of getting cancer than more sedentary people do. Even better; the most physically active have the lowest risk levels. Good news if you are already that fit, great news if you need some motivation and really bad news if you are this guy.

Your awesomeness of the day: You are so awesome that when you get ready for a date you don’t have to do pushups, your arms just inflate themselves to the perfect level.


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