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As part of our effort to be an informative guide to the West’s cities and towns and the rides, routes, food and fun that exist within them, we often come across articles, links and pictures online that we find interesting, but have no good way to share. So starting today we are beginning our mornings with a summary of links to good things. The links will focus on cities, nutrition, coffee, athletes, gear, interesting stories and great recipes that we pull from a wide variety of sources, including VeloNews, ESPN, Twitter, the New York Times, blogs, Slate, Hedi (oh my god I love you and semi-stalk your every move) Swanson of 101 Cookboos, and so on. Pour a cup of coffee, have some breakfast and say hello to This Way West’s Daily Feed.

August 18th Daily Feed:

Because Lance Armstrong is a badass who probably pees diamonds in the morning he has been able to (hopefully) convince Colorado’s Governor Bill Ritter to get a Tour of Colorado up and running, which will exist as a pro tour race and potentially draw the same kind of talent that the Tour of California is enjoying. Highest point in 2009’s Tour de France? The Cormet de Roselend pass at 6,453 feet. The average elevation of the State of Colorado? 6,800 feet. Yahtzee!!

Focusing on a up and coming green energy company called Solix, a joint venture between Colorado’s Southern Ute Tribe and a Colorado State professor, this New York Time’s article is a quick synopsis of the company worth reading; not only for the interesting approach to alternative energy that Solix is embarking on, but also for the Ute’s commitment to generational planning in which they consider the long term (as in decades ahead) approach to business. They are now  one of the most wealthy, and well invested, groups in the State.

Heidi Swanson has a new salad recipe posted today, a summer green bean salad that uses hazelnuts and green beans. It certainly looks delicious. Unfortunately she discovered it while dining with her boyfriend Wayne, who has been sandbagging my efforts to woo Ms. Swanson for years. Damn him.

And finally, because we are based in Colorado and love all things associated with it we couldn’t help but dancing around in glee after reading that the Raiders, the Broncos AFC West rivals, have moved beyond last place in their division and have begun experimenting with mixed martial arts. Not sure how the Bronocs are going to be this season, but watching the Raiders implode might make this season worth it.

Your awesomeness of the day: You are so awesome that when Lance Armstrong wants a training partner for the day he thinks about inviting you, simply because he wants to watch awesomeness in action.


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