The Frugal Traveler checks out Eagle Creek

The New York Time’s “Frugal Traveler” dude recently posted a column about hiking and camping along the Eagle Creek Trail, near Portland, OR. He doesn’t really add much about the trail, other than astute observations about the weather (“persistent drizzle”) the waterfalls (“chock full” of them!) abundance of good camping spots and earth shattering realization that you can actually cook steaks and camp! The one good thing about the article is the Risotto recipe that appears near the end. It actually sounds like it would be a decent camping meal. We have yet to hike the trail for camping purposes, but if you do, know that the crowds decrease exponentially past the third mile (where Punch Bowl Falls is) and the upper campgrounds are incredibly gorgeous places to spend a night or two but can fill up quick during the summer months.

For the truly frugal, run the thing; it’s a much faster, and lighter, way to enjoy the trail.


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