Boulder Peak (Bike) Course – Boulder, CO

I have not yet attempted a triathlon; I fear that my overly heavy body would either drown or explode through my skin. Instead, I cruise sections of triathlon courses and tell myself “one day”, and then eat another twinkie.

The Boulder Peak Triathlon is one of the major events of the summer season, full of elite level athletes, weekend warriors and beginners; all getting their spandex fix through the foothills and back roads of Boulder. We love the Boulder Peak Triathlon for one reason (besides the free stuff Craig hooks us up with sometimes); the bike course. Running through a great climb, even better descents and long, fast straightaways, the Boulder Peak Bike Course is a ton of fun, without the pesky annoyance of having to swim and run thrown in.

Deviating a bit from the actual course, we usually start this ride in downtown Boulder, winding our way up north before hopping onto the course at the intersection of North Broadway and Lee Hill Road. From there the course heads west to the Old Stage Climb (exploding body time), and its great descent into Lefthand Canyon (watch out on the descent though; people hit bears here. That’s right motherfucker. BEARS). The Lefthand Canyon section is a slightly downhill, very fast section that passes some great scenery before dumping you out onto Highway 36, where you head north and onto Nelson. Nelson is another long and fast flat section with a moderate descent that will bring you to N. 63rd Street. 63rd is a rolling road that passes numerous farms and provides great views of the mountains. It will eventually bring you to the Diagonol Highway, and then to Jay Road where the real course heads into the Boulder Resevoir area. We head back to town from here, usually taking side streets through some cool neighborhoods.

We love this course simply because it is so varied; climbs, flats and everything in between. We have yet to slam into a bear at high speeds, but here’s to a New Year! And twinkies.

Distance: 28.65 miles round trip

Directions: From downtown Boulder, take 9th Street north to Pine Street and take a right. Head east and take a left on 20th Street, which will wind up a hill to a stop sign and turn into 19th Street. Take 19th Street north for 2.25 miles until it dead-ends into Yartmouth Ave., and take a left on to Yartmouth which intersects with Broadway. Take a right on Broadway and then your first left on to Lee Hill Road. Lee Hill Road turns into Old Stage Road and the biggest climb of this ride. After descending Old Stage take a right at the stop sign on to Lefthand Drive. Take Lefthand out to Highway 36 and take a left, and then your first right on to Nelson Road. Spin down Nelson until it intersects with 63rd Street where you will take a right. This road intersections with the Diaganol Highway, where you will take another right, and then a right onto Jay Road. Head down Jay and take a left on 26th Street/Folsom and then a right on to Iris Ave, which will intersect with 19th to take you back to downtown.


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