Lovejoy to Greenleaf Loop – Portland, OR

This loop is a pretty simple variation of the Lovejoy Loop and is another quick and easily accessible ride that can provide a nice climbing workout before happy hour. The big difference with Lovejoy is that the Greenleaf Loop provides another few miles of climbing.

This loop takes the same route as the Lovejoy Loop, except instead of turning back down Cornell once you reach the intersection of Skyline and Cornell you are going to want to take the road slightly to the left of Skyline. This is Greenleaf Road, and it provides a nice little climb back up to Skyline were you can take a right, head back to the intersection of Skyline and Cornell and then head to the bars.

We usually get in a great workout by looping Greenleaf a couple of times before heading back to town or onto a longer ride. There are some dicey corners in there, so watch out for cars barreling down at you or from behind you, but there are rarely cars on this road. I discovered Greenleaf pretty late in my biking exploration in Portland but it quickly became one of my favorites.

Distance: 12.5 miles round trip

Directions: From the intersection of NW Broadway and NW Lovejoy take Lovejoy west until it turns into NW Cornell Rd. Head up Cornell, around the two tunnels, and take a right on NW 53rd Dr. Take this until it connects with NW Thompson Rd and take a right. When Thompson intersects with Skyline take a left and head to the intersection of Cornell and Skyline. At the intersection you can see NW Greenleaf Rd on the other side of the road, slightly left of where Skyline continues after the intersection. Take NW Greenleaf Rd until it winds back up to Skyline. Taking a right will bring you back to the intersection where you can either loop it or head back down Cornell to complete the loop.

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