Emma Crawford Coffin Races

This entry is not really in line with the rest of the site, but I thought it was a fun event that definitely qualified as a “race” on some level. Manitou Springs is a weird town, and it’s only fitting that it hosts one of the weirdest races that I have ever done: The Emma Crawford Coffin Races.

Emma was a resident of the town who moved to Manitou for her tuberculosis. Unfortunately she passed away, and was buried in a grave on top of Red Mountain. During a heavy rainstorm her coffin was washed back into town. And now we celebrate that journey, and her life, with the coffin races.

This is the basic setup of the event: a bunch of people get in crazy costumes, bring their custom coffins to town, strap some numbers on, place their “Emma” in the coffin and then race 2 at a time down Manitou Avenue for 250 yards. Oh, and there is a hearse parade and prizes for the best “Emma.” Our coffin did not do as well as we wanted (30 something out of 40+), but we had a great time, and managed not to take anybody out in the crowd, which was a moral victory.

Thanks to Kristian for the picture.



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3 responses to “Emma Crawford Coffin Races

  1. Krillschin

    And by the way we were 16th out of 45…not 30 something.

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