The Vanilla Gorilla

Yesterday the New York Times had an interesting article about Dave Wiens, the mountain biker who has won the Leadville 100 the last 6 years in a row (article here). From the tone of the article, I felt like the author was a bit blown away that Wiens beat Armstrong (and Floyd Landis the year before) without any hardcore training. I enjoyed it because it showcased Wiens as a great athlete that has found a great balance between family, work and staying fit. A balance I hope to be able to reach once I kick this whole not having solid employment thing. My favorite part of the article is the part where it talks about how because Wiens never shaved his legs when he was racing the other riders called him the “Vanilla Gorilla.” For some reason I identify with the Gorilla part.



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2 responses to “The Vanilla Gorilla

  1. Craig

    you’re more of a butterscotch sasquatch than a vanilla gorilla. however, i remember a time not so long ago when you took tremendous pride in your impeccably shorn legs. in fact, i think that you were the first one to actually reach for the razor back in the glorious summer of 2005.

  2. jeff

    I do indeed shave the legs for the summer biking season. I say that I identify with the “gorilla” part of the nickname simply because my legs are usually pretty hairy, and I don’t really have the physique of a typical biker. Namely, my gigantic rear end is a bit bigger than most bikers. Much like a gorilla’s rear end is much bigger than most members of the Ape family.

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