Paul Intemann Memorial Trail

Running along the southern rim of the valley in which Manitou Springs resides is the Paul Intemann Memorial trail, a 5+ mile trail built by a completely volunteer force that winds from the western edge of town into the eastern edges of Colorado Springs. The trail is named after city planner Paul Intemann who was killed in a car accident in 1986. Over the years the trail has grown and been extended, and exists as a great memorial to Paul’s work in making Manitou Springs a wonderful place to call home.

The trail winds the entire extent of Manitou Springs, making it a great first arrival destination for anyone looking to get a bird’s eye view of the town. From the trail, both the Incline and Red Mountain are easily accessible. In general, the trail is great for running, with only a view steep parts. For the most part the trail is dirt, with some paved sections which function more as connection points to the dirt sections. The most easily accessible trail head is the Iron Springs Trailhead, which can be reached by taking Manitou Ave west to Ruxton Ave. Follow that up the canyon until the Iron Springs gazebo.


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