Hoosier Pass – Breckenridge, CO

To the south of Breckenridge lies Co-9, a two lane road that winds its way to the top of the valley that frames the southern view from town. The summit of the pass sits at 11,541 ft., and provides a great viewpoint of some of the peaks and valleys that surround the summit county area.

As a ride, Hoosier Pass is somewhat short, only 10.3 miles from downtown Breck to the summit of the pass, but in that 10 miles you climb almost 2,200 feet (Breckenridge sits at 9,603ft), which makes the Pass a great workout that will not take all day. From downtown Breck, head south (the ski mountain will be on your right), on Main Street which will eventually turn into CO-9. You will know you are headed in the right direction when you pass the Breckenridge Brewery on your left.

Sidenote: The Breck Brewery is one of my favorite places in town. It has the typical brewery food ( their black bean burger is one of the best I have ever had), but what really sets it apart is the beer. They produce some of the most distinctive beers that I have come across. The Vanilla Porter is my favorite. The brewery is definitely worth checking out while in town.

Following Co-9 out of town, you will pass the town/neighborhood of Blue River on your left. The road remains pretty gradual until it starts hitting the switchbacks. From what I can remember, the road is in decent condition, but there is not much of a shoulder. However, most of the drivers seem cognizant of bikers on the road. We did have an encounter with a driver who honked and screamed at us, apparently angry that he had to move a foot or two to the left of his lane. Or maybe he didn’t like all of the spandex.


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