UC Davis Arboretum

The beauty of college towns; pretty young things. Running is so much easier when the possibility of an attractive woman (or man – for the ladies) is always just around the corner. Combine that with progressive ideas, good food (usually), and lots of fun bars, and college towns have all of the makings of paradise.

A couple of weeks ago I visited a friend in Davis, CA, home of the esteemed University of California at Davis. Davis is a great college town; super bike friendly, lots of good looking people and usually tons of fun. It also has some great opportunities for getting out and about. Make sure to check out the University Arboretum: a “living museum” of plants and trees from the area. Shaped like a warped oval, the arboretum has a dirt path that runs most its entire length, occasionally popping you out onto the street before starting again. Although narrow in areas, the path provides a great run through some amazing greenery, and is adjacent to the UCD campus in case you want to add some co-ed sightings into your run.

An interactive map is here

Distance: the loop around the arboretum is 1.8 miles in length

Directions: the Arboretum is on the South side of the UC Davis Campus, between 113 (on the West end) and B Street (on the East end).
View UC Davis Arboretum-Davis, CA in a larger map


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